To Oceanside Again

To Dean’s April 2010

Thursday, April 22-25, 2010

Day 1: Home to Rosedale Walmart Bakersfield via Hiway 99: 218 Miles

It was the usual trip south on Day 1 except that I chose to stay in Bakersfield because Frazier Park was to be just 37 degrees overnight. It was to be about 47 in Bakersfield, so the choice was easy. Besides, on Day 2 I would leave later than I wanted in order to be behind the commute. From Bakersfield I can leave about 0800 and be just fine time-wise. 

I stopped in Fresno for lunch with my cousin, Murle Jean, at IHOP. She seems to be doing very well alone now, and we had a very good visit.

I stayed at the Walmart Super Center on Rosedale Hiway in Bakersfield; a store surrounded by shopping centers that included more national stores than I recall seeing anywhere else in a shopping area. There was Home Depot, Office Depot, Target, Pet Smart, Denny’s, Texas Roadhouse Grill, and many, many others. It was a cornucopia of franchise choices. But I spent only $1 the whole visit – for a chicken sandwich at, I think, Jack in the Box.

At Rosedale Walmart store in Bakersfield for the night.

Day 2, Friday, Bakersfield to Dean’s in Oceanside via SR99, I-5: 198 Miles

I left Bakersfield about 0730 for the dreaded drive through LA and down the coast to Oceanside. I stopped at Flying J Frazier Park to fill with gas and make breakfast. My own oatmeal and orange and toast with V-8 juice was a victory of sorts; I had been tempted to eat at so many restaurants but stuck to my diet pretty well.

My drive through LALA Land was one of the best; I had only a few slowdowns and no real traffic issues the whole trip. I did see one accident near Oceanside, but it wasn’t backed up as it had just happened. I arrived at Dean’s around noon. I parked at his home when I arrived as Guajome Park won’t let early arrivals park ’til after the check in time of 1400. Dean joined me in the coach as soon as I parked, and we enjoyed a rather quick “Dale Collins” – my special Tom Collins-like cocktail. It helps to gulp down a jolt of gin after the harrowing drive from Bakersfield to almost San Diego. We then headed down to the Oceanside Harbor restaurant with the patio that overlooks the boats. It is a grand place to have lunch – and we took our sweet time as we visited, ate and drank. That time with m’boy on Fridays, and our lunch together again on Saturdays, are very special times, indeed.

Jacks down at Guajome Park in Oceanside, CA for a couple of nights.

I visited briefly with Dean and the boys at their home, but Aidan was being Aidan, and I can’t tolerate much of that squalling and bawling, so I climbed aboard the coach and drove the 3 minutes to Guajome Park’s lovely RV park and settled into my space for the duration of my visit. I enjoyed a peaceful evening and slept like a baby. Life is good.

Day 3, Saturday, Jacks down at Guajome while visiting the kids.

I was up and at it a bit later than usual; it was almost 0600 when I got up. I took my walk almost first thing, and enjoyed the early morning among the flora and fauna that is Guajome. It is a beautiful place with a large pond, geese, ducks, mud hens, and other fowl. Lots of jack bunnies are to be seen, as well. The San Diego weather is always a pleasure. I set about doing a few morning chores after my walk, but mostly relaxed until Dean called around 0900. He came and picked me up so I could hang around the house with the family ’til Aidan’s soccer game began. Dean dropped me off at the coach as he and Connor headed for the game.

Strike Three!! Connor pitching at his AAA baseball game. His team won a close one!

After the game, Dean came by and we headed to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. It was the usual feast, and we enjoyed our time together very much. After lunch we headed to the house for awhile, then went to Connor’s baseball game. He was the starting pitcher, and his team won. It was a perfect day for baseball, if one must go to a baseball game, and Dean enjoyed it. I was happiest when it was over, but I did enjoy watching Connor do what he loves.

Grandpa with Aidan (L) and Connor. Gosh, these kids have aged me – I’ve never looked so old in a photo!

After the game it was back to the house for simply hanging around with each other, then dinner. At about 1940 I bid everyone farewell ’til my visit in July, and Dean took me home. It had been a very nice visit.

Day 4, Sunday, Heading home!

As usual, I slept very well aboard the coach, but was up about 0400 to convert the coach from a cozy apartment to a highway cruiser. At 0445 I pulled out of Guajome Park and headed for home.

My drive through LALA Land during the early Sunday morning hours was as usual – there was very little traffic. The entire trip was unremarkable, just as I always want it to be. I did see one pretty bad overturn accident as I drove through the Tehachapis, but there was no slow down – yet. Several folks were there including police and fire department, and I just cruised on by.

Note the turned over pickup – I can only hope they were alright, but it didn’t look good.

I was home a bit after 1300 and was completely unloaded and had the coach put away before 1500. It was a grand trip, and I already have a reservation at Guajome in July for my next visit!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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