Five Days on the Delta with My Son – And a Few Hours Fishing!

Fishin’ With m’Boy

Nov 5-9, 2012

Day 1, Monday, Home to Delta Marina in Rio Vista

It was three years ago that my son, Dean, flew up from his home near San Diego to meet me for some Delta fishing. That time we got him on his first sturgeon! 

We were hoping to get him on another one this year.

FishWisher the boat tied to the dock awaiting her call to go fishing.

I arrived at Delta Marina at noon. I launched the boat and had the coach set up by 1300. I considered fishing alone as I awaited Dean’s arrival about 1700. But the day was hot and the usual Delta breeze was non-existent. I knew it would be a hot day on the water, and I opted for an easy afternoon just laying around the coach. After all, loading the coach and the boat, which I did that morning, is a tiring job for an old man. While I waited, I showered and prepared for his arrival when we’d likely drive into town for dinner.

Dean arrived a bit after 1700. After a few minutes chatting aboard the coach, we headed to town and had a good dinner at Foster’s Big Horn Restaurant. Dean enjoyed a small rib eye, and I had a Thai chicken salad. For dessert, we ordered hot apple pie and ice cream. Mmmmm. After dinner we drove back to the coach and visited the evening away. Monday Night Football played out its drama on the TV as we enjoyed a couple of my custom Vodka Collins. I called it a day about 2200. I don’t know what time Dean hit the sack because I was zonked as soon as I hit the pillow.

The first planned day of fishing, Tuesday, was cancelled so that I could drive back home to drive Wifey to the doc for a consultation about back surgery. This was a very important chat with the surgeon, and I really wanted to be there. Dean planned a wine tour with his step-brother, Craig, on Tuesday so we planned our first day of fishing for Wednesday.

Tuesday, Day 2 Jacks down at Delta Marina

This day we scratched plans to go fishing. I took Wifey to the surgeon for a consultation and it looked like major back surgery come February. Dean went to the wine country with his step-brother, Craig, and Craig’s daughter, Breanne. They must have had a grand time because as I wrote this after 1900 they were still out there somewhere. They had a designated, paid driver and that was good to know.

Wednesday, Day 3

Damn kids! Sometime after I had gone to sleep, Dean called to say they all slept in the car as the driver streaked through Rio Vista – as if the driver was never told that Dean would be dropped off at the coach. (There was something fishy in that tale – perhaps they were so blitzed that they didn’t want to face dear ‘ol Dad?) They wound up in Stockton for the night and Dean said he’d be back about 0630 to go fishing after spending the night at Craig’s home.

The 0630 promise was likely slept through as I didn’t hear a word ‘til after 0700 as Dean was just leaving Stockton. I was left wondering if our kids were sophisticated wine connoisseurs who enjoyed tasting the fine wines of Napa Valley, or perhaps simply a couple of winos. At that point I was inclined to think the latter. But at least I finally heard from my son when he faced this new world through bloodshot eyes – as if waking up to four more years of Obama wasn’t bad enough!

The wine connoisseur returns from a hard night out with his drinkin’ buddies – with a whole case of wine to take home!

Finally, Dean arrived at the coach around 0730 or so. We drove into town for some breakfast, and ate at the Striper Café. We then headed back to the marina and loaded up for a day of fishing.

We cruised downriver towards Suisun Bay, but decided to fish near Decker Island when we saw the fog downriver and the wind kicking up. We anchored off the shipping channel at Decker Island for over five hours.

M’boy and I waiting for the sturgeon bite that never came. Some days it’s Ok if the fish just leave you alone to enjoy the company.

2012-11-7e Crazy Dean,Dad

Shortly after the first photo above, I set the camera to take another photo of us, but it caught me in the cabin adjusting my hat as Dean mugged for the camera. The result was this funny photo of Dean hamming it up and me appearing to grab my head in frustration. I captioned the photo in such a way that it turned out to be a very funny photo indeed!

We didn’t have so much as a bump on our old, frozen eel we used as bait. We did, however, have a grand time sitting back and visiting the entire time. Dean really wanted to spend time on the boat, enjoying a few cold beers and didn’t mind a bit that the fish didn’t bother us. The afternoon tide change produced a lumpy river, so we reeled in and headed back to the dock about 1500.

We drove into town for dinner at a local Chinese eatery. It was a so-so meal, but we enjoyed our evening back at the coach. I hit the sack, as usual, around 2100. Dean was up longer watching TV and again I didn’t know what time he called it a day.

Thursday, Day 4

The day dawned cool and breezy. Of the two groups of fishermen who also were staying at Delta Marina, I don’t think anyone went fishing that day. We chose not to head out, but to drive Craig’s Tahoe back to Stockton, then drive home to visit Wifey, who Dean hadn’t seen yet this trip. After the visit we drove into Stockton and looked at new cars, something Dean and I enjoy doing – and Wifey is interested in a new car soon. 

We then stopped at a very nice Chinese restaurant in Lodi and enjoyed a fine meal. That made up for the disappointment of the prior evening’s dinner.

Craig, his daughter Breanne, and Lavonne drove to Rio Vista to meet Dean and I at The Point Restaurant which is a part of the Delta Marina. We enjoyed good dinners and a lot of fun just being together. It was a rainy, cool evening, and being together with family was a wonderful way to while away the time.

Craig, Bre and Lavonne visited the coach to see just how Dean and I were living while on this Delta adventure, then headed back home. The following morning, Dean and I would pack up, hook the trailer to the coach, load the boat and call it a wrap.

Friday, Day 6

It rained an awful lot overnight, or else the new coach is like a drum and magnified the sound of the rainfall. I was up and eager to get the day underway a bit before 0500. I rousted sleepy Dean from his folded down couch and sent him back to the bedroom so he could sleep a bit longer. I made coffee, watched some TV and edited some photos, waiting ‘til daylight and for Dean to start his day.

Dean and I drove into town for another grand breakfast at The Striper Cafe.  Once outside we noted that the river was flat, the sun was shining and the winds were calm. It would have been a perfect day to fish. But, alas, our time together was drawing to a close. When we returned from breakfast, Dean packed his belongings back into the rental car. I “broke camp” if it can be called that with a motor home, and we hooked the trailer to the coach, then loaded the boat. By 0930 we were all done, and said our good-byes.

The Old Man loads the boat on the trailer as Dean takes photos. This is the easy part. The hard part…

…is tying the bow to the trailer. This is tough on old bones!

FishWisher the boat is tied down and ready for her ride home. We didn’t fish much, but we had a grand time and I hope we do this again next year!

We had a grand time together. We were both glad that we took the one day off and did some other things together, such as driving into Manteca to see Lavonne, looking at new cars, etc. By 1000 Dean was on his way to the airport and I was driving home with the boat in tow. I don’t know when we’ll have another time together such as we had as it’s been three years since the last adventure together. But I’m looking forward to it already!

About FishWisher

Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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2 Responses to Five Days on the Delta with My Son – And a Few Hours Fishing!

  1. Steve DeMuri says:

    I enjoy reading your posts, and that boat is awesome! I’m toying with the idea of a new boat in the near future, and I think a C Dory needs to be on the possibility list. Anything about it you don’t like? Thanks for the posts.



    • FishWisher says:

      Hi Steve – Thanks for the visit and glad you enjoy my site.

      The one C-Dory draw back, to me, is the flat bottom. It takes chop pretty hard. But the flat bottom means excellent fuel economy and only 70 or 90 HP pushes it right along very efficiently. And it is very sea worthy in rough water. If you want a boat to sleep in overnight and be able to keep comfy, you should try one. This is my second C-Dory, I suppose you’ve seen the first elsewhere on my site under “Boats I Have Loved”. Good luck with the boat shopping – that’s about the most fun part of boat ownership!

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