Christmas 2013 and Turning 70 Years Old!

A Merry and Very Geriatric Christmas!

December 25 – 27, 2013

Wednesday, Day 1:

2013-12-25 Christmas at Craig's

It was Christmas and time to gather with family! Our son Craig, center, invited the whole clan – and more – to his lovely home in Stockton for Christmas dinner. There were 15 of us, both in-laws and out-laws, and everyone had a grand time! Wifey and I are at the bottom right corner, and family and friends are gathered around two tables to fit everyone in. 

2013-12-26a at Craig's before heading to Gale'sCraig’s beautiful home on the water in Stockton, and our coach in the driveway for Christmas.We spent the night aboard the coach, then headed to Gridley the day after. 

The party animals had a grand time visiting and playing games through the evening while I chose to seek solitude and quiet in the coach after dinner, as usual. Even so, at one point I was asked to make an appearance and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me as my 70th birthday was the next day. I was tolerant of the lousy singing, and appreciated the good thoughts and wishes from family and friends.

Thursday, Day 2:

Lavonne and I spent the night aboard the motorhome in Craig’s driveway, and the next morning we enjoyed one of Craig’s famous waffle breakfasts. After a good visit during the morning, we headed up to Gridley to visit my twin sister, Gale, and hubby John in Gridley once again. The day after Christmas Gale and I turned 70 and we wanted to get together for the occasion. We drove into Yuba City for lunch to celebrate our birthday, and met John’s sis, Bess and husband, Harold.

2013-12-26m Yuba lunch The six of us at Sizzler for lunch to celebrate 70 years.

2013-12-26g 70th b'day twinsGale and I pose with our birthday cake at their home after lunch in Yuba City. There are worse things than growing old; at least we’re still on the sunny side of the lawn!

2013-12-26h 70th b'day foursomeJohn, Gale, Lavonne and I pose for another birthday photo.

I spent most of the evening in the coach editing photos and posting this travelogue. Gale, John and Lavonne whiled away some of the evening watching TV and chatting. By 2000 we were both in the coach after a long day and hit the sack by 2200.

The plan was to spend the next day with Gale and John, then head home Saturday morning. However, we learned that they had friends coming up Saturday to visit, so we decided it best to head home Friday and give Gale a chance to rest between visits.

Friday, Day 3:

We were up around 0600 on Friday, Dec 27th and were in the house visiting Gale and John a bit after 0700. Knowing this was our only day to visit we made good around the table that morning, doing the coffee, sweets and chat thing while we could.

2013-12-27 jacks down at Gale'sFriday morning I posed by the coach, robe and all, as John took the photo. It was time to update this travelogue and to convert our cozy cabin to a highway cruiser for the trip home.

We spent time around the table visiting for some time early that Friday, knowing that we’d be heading for home later that morning. We agreed that our next visit would be in February when they’d drive down for Wifey’s birthday.

I set about converting our cozy cabin into a highway cruiser, and a bit after 1000 we headed for home.

2013-12-27b leaving Gale'sHeading down a country lane near Gridley as we begin our drive home a bit after 1000.

At the Christmas dinner at Craig’s, he said that he had a “do-fer” gift for his Mom this year, instead of a “buy-fer”. He didn’t tell us what he was going to do for her, but this wasn’t his first “do-fer” for her.

2013-12-27 Craig's gift, stain the porch benchWe arrived home in time to find Craig refinishing our porch bench which was badly in need of a little attention.

When we pulled up to our home, there was Craig busily refinishing the bench on our front porch. It had been sitting there in the weather for over 20 years and needed some maintenance. Craig sanded it, stained it and was preparing to lacquer it as we drove up. And that’s not his first “do-fer” for his mom. That lawn was freshly rolled out last February for her birthday. What a guy!

Our little RV trip for Christmas and our 70th birthday was a pleasant one. I try to use our coach at least once a month, and I’ve got an itch to head south for some sunshine in the coming weeks to beat this cold winter time. Stay tuned!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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