Poorly Done Coach Wrap Work Photos

These photos are posted to support my Yelp review of Vehicle Wrap, Inc. That review is here: http://tinyurl.com/man2fjr

2014-12-24a 120v plug left unattached and taped to get home

Here is the electric plug taped to the coach because Vehicle Wrap, Inc. couldn’t put it back as they found it.

2015-2-12d where plug was tapedHere is its replacement, a vent to cover the hole. I couldn’t put it back in place either, but I can live with a vent. I could not live with the tape. It didn’t seem to matter to Vehicle Wrap.

2014-12-24b H20 heater grill broken and bug screen spring brokenThe grill for the hot water vent was tossed into the cardboard box with other parts ‘n pieces that Vehicle Wrap, Inc. did  not choose to re-install.

2015-2-12e grill put back onHere is the grill after I unbent it and put it back in place. Vehicle Wrap must not have even tried, I don’t know. It wasn’t a big deal.2015-2-12h box of parts unattached…speaking of the box of left over parts, here is the box I found in the coach when the wrap was “done”. The little springs that held on the wasp screens to the vents were over stretched and unusable because they didn’t know how to remove a spring properly – or more likely, they didn’t care. The Ford logos are in the baggie, the water heater screen shown above was here, too. Unbelievable!

2014-12-24c awning strut section unwrapped and uglyHere Vehicle Wrap, Inc. left the inside awning strut undone.

2015-2-12a painted and matchesHere is the inside strut after I had several areas painted to match the wrap.

2014-12-24e door hinges left old color and uglyThe hinges of the main door, and other hinges as well, were left the old color. I was told such items would be colored with something other than vinyl, but they were simply left undone.

2015-2-12f hinges paintedThe hinges after the $600 extra I paid a pro to finish them. The paint job  also included the door jamb and other areas Vehicle Wrap, Inc., left undone.

2014-12-26f wiper as was attached by Vehicle WrapThe inserts which connect the wipers to the shaft for proper movement were placed outside the wiper arm by Vehicle Wrap, Inc. and the wipers did not work when the coach was done.

2014-12-26g wiper attached properly after I changed it.Here are the wipers  after I had them assembled properly. It was so elementary and yet they didn’t get it right.

2015-2-11a bubbled above lightsThe sharp angle above the headlights bubbled badly. I’m sure Vehicle Wrap would have fixed this had I been willing to return it to them, but after the experiences such as shown above, I wasn’t about to let them get their careless hands on my coach again.

2015-2-12g bubbles fixedI chose to have another vinyl wrapping company do the repair and paid a bit extra for the work.

These photos are posted to support my Yelp review of Vehicle Wrap, Inc. That review is here: (Scroll down to “Vehicle Wrap”)  http://tinyurl.com/man2fjr

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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4 Responses to Poorly Done Coach Wrap Work Photos

  1. wow such shoddy work unreal! I do not blame you for being a bit upset I would have gone ballistic as for what you paid for and what you got did not match! sad how so many now days do not care about workmanship nor customer service.

  2. Dan Thomas says:

    Hi Dale I feel for you disappointment I have such things happen to me and they are never
    easy to accept. One thing that I might mention though is “Be careful” of getting
    Any Solvent, fuel, (etc) based products near the vinyl as It might wipe the color off or change it
    and it could also cause it to bubble up. Just some food for thought. Of course you could always
    est a small spot some where unnoticeable . Keep up the good work and the articles .Dan Thomas

    • FishWisher says:

      Hi Marty and Dan –

      Thanks for visiting again and thanks for your comments. After all the frustration and expense I’m at least content with the appearance of the coach now. The gal that did the final touch ups on the coach told me about the solvent, etc on the vinyl. I’ll have to watch for that. I don’t think I’ll ever change the color of anything I own ever again! It’s just not worth it and I’ve learned I don’t have a very good eye for picking colors!

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