Another Trip to Gridley

2015-8-4, Tuesday, Day 1, to Gridley via I-5, SR99: 118 miles

It was time for another visit to my twin sister, Gale, and her hubby, John, in Gridley, CA. We would drive up for just one night, and return the next day. The drive north of about 120 miles was unremarkable, just as I like. The wind blew like heck across the highway from the delta during our drive, but we did just fine.2015-8-4c Rice field

Rice paddies were lush and green and stretched out about as far as one could see.

2015-8-4a field along SR99

This golden field had me stumped. It didn’t look like grain and seemed dried out.  

2015-8-4b crossing Feather River

Crossing the Feather River on a new bridge that seemed to have been under construction for years.

We drove through the rice growing areas we photographed the prior trip, and the vast acreage of watery paddies had grown into seas of green. It was quite a sight to see all the rice ripening and getting ready for harvest. We also saw many acres of prunes, peaches, walnuts, and almonds along our drive.

We planned on having dinner with the family and would arrive after lunch so we stopped in Live Oak, a town very near Gridley on SR99, for lunch. We have stopped there before, at a small Mexican type grocery store with chicken smoking on an outdoor grill. I tried the Chicken that time and wasn’t so impressed, but decided to give them another try. The fellow cooking told me the chickens would be ready in ten minutes, so I dawdled around the coach ‘til they were ready. When they were, I went in the little store and paid my $6 for a half chicken. When I picked it up outdoors, the cook whacked a whole into a half, and then whacked it into the usual pieces. I took it to the coach where Lavonne would have fare from home for her lunch as I dug into my chicken. And it was very good! I ate the whole thing there in the coach, in the market parking lot. It was a pretty big lunch but I really enjoyed it.2015-8-4e chicken delight

 Mmmm. The chicken was wonderful and I was a happy camper.

Since our last visit my sweet, little, twin sister (who is 15 minutes older) had another fall and this time broke her shoulder. A year or so ago she fell and broke her hip. She has had balance issues for some time, and ‘til the recent break she was getting around the house with a walker. Now, with one arm, she cannot use the walker and John walks her wherever she needs to go. Fortunately for them, their daughter, Jill, and husband Craig and granddaughter Kyleigh were spending a few weeks with them to help out. (Craig and Kyleigh had returned to Oregon for a few days and we missed them.) John has been kept very busy taking care of everything as well as caring for Gale. Most folks not close to such a situation just don’t realize the burden placed on the loved ones who live with the disabled.

2015-8-5a family

The family gathered ’round the table. Gale (L), Lavonne, John, Jill, Dale. Note Gale’s arm in a belt sling while the broken shoulder heals. 

We arrived at Gale and John’s place west of Gridley sometime after 1300. We spent the afternoon visiting, and it was good to see Gale in good spirits even with her broken shoulder. She was on the mend, but her right arm was in a sling and she could not use it at all. The poor dear has really suffered with the break, and we all hoped it was her last fall.

2015-8-4f Lovely country homeIt was good to have the coach and be able to leave the house to the rest of the family at night. We simply dropped the jacks, powered out the slide, and made ourselves at home in their driveway.

As evening approached, John and I drove into Gridley for some grocery shopping and a pizza to go. When we got back home, Jill whipped up a salad and we enjoyed a good combination pizza dinner with salad. We had ice cream for dessert, and as usual, I had more than my share. We continued our warm visit on the patio during part of the afternoon, and actually had some light rain fall on us which was a mighty unusual treat for Gridley in August. The day had been cool and breezy and then a bit wet and nobody complained, to be sure.

Sometime around 1930 I said good-night to everyone and headed to the coach for the night. I showered, began this travelogue and relaxed. After whacking the keyboard for awhile, I dug out my DVD movie, Oh Brother, Where art Thou?, mixed a couple of drinks and sat back in the couch ‘til bedtime.

When Lavonne returned to the coach she prepared for bed, and we retired for the night around 2230. It was a quite night out there in the country where John and Gale live, and we slept very well.

Wednesday, Day 2, Gridley to home: 118 miles

We were up and around at 0630, and after morning chores we headed to the house to visit a bit before 0800. For breakfast we had cinnamon rolls and cantaloupe or watermelon. We enjoyed a warm visit with family ‘til near noon. Gale was tiring and needed to get some rest, and we surely wanted to head home, through Sacramento, before traffic got heavy. We were on our way at noon.2015-8-5b Fiona Dale

Fiona is Jill’s lil’ dog. The best she can do is begrudgingly put up with anyone else. Here she puts up with a hug from me. She is the cutest ugly dog or the ugliest cute dog – I can’t decide. 

The drive home was uneventful except for a one-lane slowdown on SR99 for, of all things, tree trimming along the side of the road. It was a complete stop while they routed traffic one direction at a time.

We arrived home around 1430 and set about unloading our things. I usually wait ‘til the following morning during the summertime to unload everything and dump the tanks, but with the relatively mild weather we’d been having I got it all done that afternoon.

Our visit to Gale and John’s was not the most enjoyable ever, seeing them struggle as they deal with her broken shoulder. But we did have a warm visit and very much enjoyed seeing Jill and even her grumpy, little dog, Fiona. I hope we’ll be going up more often and perhaps help out a bit.

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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