Family Gathering in Fresno…


The Family Gathers for a Memorial Service

Saturday, Day 1, home to Fresno, CA via SR99: 110 miles

Not all RV trips are for pleasure, and this day’s drive to Fresno for the day and night was somber. My cousin, Genene, one of the two cousins I sometimes met in Fresno on past trips to my son’s home in Oceanside, passed away on July 30. The family gathered at her church for a memorial, and we drove down to join in.

2016-8-12c ugly SR99 in valleyThe drive through the valley down SR99 was not particularly pleasant what with all the usual Kalifornistan traffic, bad road, and ugliness. Roadsides were mostly dead weeds and much of the view was a mix of agriculture and industry.

2016-8-12e water wars continueThe water wars still raged on in the valley as Sacramento and Washington screw the farmers out of water and want to ramrod a high speed rail through the valley.

We filled up with fuel for just $2.46 per at a convenience store in nearby Ripon as we began our trip. We then headed south to Fresno and the memorial service. After the service we enjoyed the time mingling with family. It seems these days that the only time we all get together is for funerals and memorials.

2016-8-12a Morris' at Memorial

2016-8-12b Morris' plusThe family of my cousin, Murle Jean (2nd from right) gathered to remember her sister, Genene. It was a sad time, but it’s always good to get together with family we seldom see these days.

2014-4-3a Lunch with Murle and GeneneHere I pose with my cousins Genene, left, and her sister, Murle Jean, during an earlier trip to Oceanside when we’d meet for lunch as I passed through Fresno. We’re all going to miss Genene.

The memorial service was mostly preachin’ and not much in the way of remembering my passed cousin, Genene. The speakers said she’d want it that way and I wouldn’t disagree. She lived a blessed and full life, raising three boys and was the grandmother of 17 grand and great grandchildren. She passed away at age 84.  

After the service we gathered in a large dining room for lunch which was provided by the church. It was an awesome lunch of KFC chicken, lots of mashed taters, salads, and more. I definitely enjoyed the grand lunch and as usual had more than my share. I joked that I’d like to get on the list to be notified of all funerals and memorials at that church if that’s how they feed the mourners!

2016-8-12h shade at FresnoThe coach parked in the little shade we could find at the church parking lot. It was a hot, 102° summer day in Fresno, but the coach air conditioner kept Cecil the Diesel cool and comfy. That big, chassis mounted air conditioner kept the coach interior in the 70s all day long.

We visited with family for an hour or so during lunch, then excused ourselves to head back to the coach in the parking lot. It was a very hot summer day in Fresno, so I left the generator and air conditioner running. When we climbed aboard the coach after the service it was very comfy and cool. We ran the air conditioner and generator from just before we arrived ’til we went to bed around 2300 that night. We had decided to spend the night in Fresno, at a nearby Walmart, but would stay at the church lot ’til evening when the heavy Friday traffic thinned out.2016-8-12i whiling away the afternoonWe passed the afternoon in the coach cool and comfy as we waited for the heavy Fresno traffic to lighten up before we headed to Walmart for the night.

At 1800 we drove to the Walmart on Ingram Avenue, one of several Walmarts in Fresno. We found a lonely area of the parking lot and set up for the night. I walked into the store and shopped for a couple items we needed and that was the only time I was out of the coach the entire stay; it was just too blasted hot to be outside.

2016-8-12j Walmart  Fresno for the nightJacks down at the Ingram Ave. Walmart store in Fresno where we spent the night.

 We had just a snack for dinner after that huge lunch we enjoyed. We spent our evening on the ‘net, and I also watched TV an hour or so as I enjoyed a couple cool ones before bed. I turned off the generator/air conditioner when I went to bed a bit before 2300. We ran the generator/air conditioner for 11 hours during our visit and we remained cool and comfortable.

Saturday, Day 2, Fresno to home via SR99: 111 miles

We were up and about a bit after 0600 and set about the morning chores. Lavonne whipped up her first cup of coffee and I did the same. We visited our usual online sites for awhile, then converted our cozy home into a highway cruiser for the drive home. The still, warm morning seemed to foretell another hot day but we’d be home before noon.

At 0800 we pulled out of the Walmart lot and headed for home. We stopped at a Mickey D’s in Merced to grab a quick breakfast McGriddle and a cheese and bacon biscuit. I also ordered a large coffee and an Oreo McFlurry to keep me alert for the rest of the drive.2016-8-13a northbound SR99The drive home on SR99 was as it was the day before: Lousy road, heavy traffic, and ugly. I was looking forward to a drive outside of Kalifornistan – and soon!

We pulled up to our home at 1030 and got right to work unloading the coach. It was already hot and promising to be much hotter. I didn’t dump the tanks as that could wait ’til the cool of the next morning.

We’d prefer to get together with the family under happier circumstances, but even though our gathering was to remember a passed loved one, it was good to see them.

We planned to hit the road again near the end of the month for another adventure to Denver and perhaps even on to Arkansas. I was looking forward to driving lots of lovely, lonesome highways outside of Kalifornistan!

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