A Short Trip to Gridley With the New Roof!

On The Road Again!

April 12-13, 2017

Wednesday, Day 1, To Gridley and Oroville via I-5, SR99: 161 miles

It was past time to visit my twin sis and husband again. I was delighted to pull the coach up to the house from its shed in our community RV park for the first time in two months. I had been going stir-crazy for lack of a toy to play with, and now my favorite toy was back!2017-4-12b Back home where she belongs!Cecil the Diesel looking better’n ever and back home after her roof repair!

We took our sweet time getting around that morning because we didn’t want to arrive in Gridley before noon. But I did want to drive a few miles beyond Gridley to Oroville’s Feather River Casino where they sold diesel at their service station for just $2.60 per. At the same time Flying J was asking $3 per, and for the less efficient biodiesel. I can’t refuse a bargain and saved over $30 on that fill up alone! But I’m getting ahead of myself…2017-4-12a leaving home We finally had the coach loaded by about 1030 and we pulled out of our little senior community at 1040.

The day was mostly grey and cloudy and cool – and on occasion sunny. We drove through rain during some of our drive. But the rain was nothing compared to the 45 minute delay along I-5 in the Walnut Grove area.2017-4-12c 45 minute traffic jamThe bumper to bumper mess we dealt with for 45 minutes thanks to CalTrans choosing to fix something that is usually done overnight.

2017-4-12d ...for this that is usually done overnightThe small replacement job that held up traffic for hours. It seems the job could have been done during hours with less traffic – I suggest midnight!

CalTrans had chosen to shut down one of two lanes to fix a small section of cement. Most jobs like that are done at night to avoid such traffic jams, but not this one. We drove in bumper to bumper traffic for 45 minutes, thanks to dear ol’ CalTrans.

Click on any photo to see them enlarged along with the captions:

We finally got through the mess and streaked through Sacramento and onto SR99 toward Gridley. It was about 1330 when we arrived at my sister’s place. Lavonne went in to visit Gale while John, my brother-in-law, joined me for a drive to Oroville for that bargain on diesel. We took the long way there due to my wrong idea of missing the town of Gridley, but the drive was well worth the cheap diesel. We pumped 75 gallons into the 90 gallon tank, then headed back to Gridley – choosing the right road that time!2017-4-12f I Old folks at dinnerThe old folks together again for a warm family visit. Because of the blown off roof, we’d missed seeing them since our visit back in December.

Back at my sis’ place I set the coach up for our overnight stay. We then visited with John and Gale through the afternoon and evening, catching up with each others aches and pains and news about the kids and grandkids. That’s what old folks do – it’s about all we seem to do!

We enjoyed a pizza and salad for dinner, then retired to the living room to chat some more. We hadn’t been together since December when we celebrated our 73rd birthdays. It was good to see them again.2017-4-12g Happy Camper finally back aboard!Thumbs up for an evening aboard Cecil the Diesel for the first time in months – it was great to have her back!

I headed to the coach a bit before 2000 to peruse my favorite web sites and relax a bit. Lavonne joined me awhile later and did the same. I also edited photos and got busy on this travelogue. It was very pleasant to spend another night aboard the coach – even though I’d have preferred a week or so on the road!

We retired by 2300 and slept well – as always – out there in the quiet countryside.

Thursday, Day 2, Gridley to home via SR99, I-5: 124 miles

I was up around 0530 and turned up the furnace and the water heater, then crawled back into bed awhile longer as things warmed. We were both up and around after 0600, brewing our first coffee of the day and visiting our usual morning websites.

We joined John and Gale in the house sometime around 0730 to continue our visit. John and I drove into town for our traditional Mickey D breakfast, and brought the delicious junk food home for all to share.

We had a date to pick up our groceries at Walmart in Stockton by noon; it’s my new habit to use their free pick up service whereby I order online the day before and they have my order ready the next day – I don’t even have to leave my car – at no extra charge. We had to leave by 1000 to make our pick up.

Click to see enlarged photos:

The drive home was a bit wet and windy, but all went well. 

2017-4-13d Walmart pick upAt Walmart we just pulled in and our groceries were brought out to us – and not a penny more for the service. It’s a very convenient way to shop!

We pulled up at our home at 1300. We both worked at unloading the coach and when we finished, I just parked her – dumping the tanks could wait ’til the next day.

It was grand having Cecil the Diesel back, and I looked forward with great anticipation to my next trip – to parts unknown!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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