M’Boy Visits from SoCal!

Day 1, Saturday, March 3, 2018, Home to Gridley, CA via CA99, I-5

I told my son, Dean, on my last trip to his place in Oceanside back in August, that I was too old to deal with the hellacious traffic of LALA Land to continue my visits with them in Oceanside. I’d been doing so for 15 years or so, and now it was up to him to visit me. And this was his first visit to see his Old Man. I was pleased that he made the effort.2018-3-3a loadingIt was only a one night trip, but I still had to load the groceries and clothing onto the coach. No, it’s not work; it’s considered playing with my favorite toy!

Dean flew to Sacramento from San Diego and rented a car to drive to Craig’s place in Stockton. He spent that night with Brett, Craig’s son. I drove the coach up to Stockton the following morning and parked at Craig’s while he and I went to Dave Wong’s Chinese Restaurant for a much anticipated lunch together. In the meantime, Lavonne had lunch with an old friend in Stockton, and would meet us at Craig’s after we all had our lunches. The logistics were pretty complicated, but it all worked out as planned. Then the three of us climbed aboard Big Blue II and headed to Gridley where we visited my twin sister, Gale, and her husband, John.

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Dean hadn’t seen his Uncle John and Aunt Gale in nearly three years so it was a very special visit for them. After the hundred mile or so drive, we spent the afternoon and early evening visiting. 

We brought along a large pizza for dinner, as usual. John whipped up a salad for us and we enjoyed a good pizza dinner together.

After dinner I retrieved my laptop from the coach to review old family photos. The years gone by seemed even longer ago as we saw so many photos of us all when we were much younger. My… so  many years have flown by and old photos underscore that fact.2018-3-3f GridleyBig Blue II in Gale and John’s driveway during our visit.

2018-3-3g Pizza dinnerThe Old Folks plus Dean as we enjoyed our pizza dinner. And cake. And ice cream.

It was around 2000 hours that Lavonne and I bid them all good night and headed back to the coach. Dean spent the night in their spare bedroom after watching college basketball with his Uncle John.

In the coach, we spent time on the ‘net, Lavonne visiting her favorite sites as I edited photos and wrote this travelogue. Lavonne retired almost an hour before I did as I watched some old COPS TV on YouTube. Who needs satellite TV these days?!

Day 2, Sunday, Gridley, CA to Home: Total trip 257 miles

I was up around 0600 after turning up the heater and water heater and going back to bed as our home on wheels warmed up. Lavonne joined me almost an hour later.

We joined John, Gale and Dean in the house about an hour later. The morning visit would be short and sweet as we were to pick up Craig at the Sacramento airport at 1000 hours. And Gale and John planned to go to church that morning.

So I joined John and Dean for a trip to the local Mickey D’s in Gridley to buy breakfast. We brought home lots of tasty breakfast sandwiches and we all enjoyed our fast food breakfast.

2018-3-4aa country lane near GridleyA lovely country lane near Gridley that we traveled as we left Gale and John’s en route home.

About 0830, after enjoying my McGriddle sandwich, I headed out to the coach and set her up for our trip to the airport and home. We bid one another a warm good-bye, then pulled out of their driveway about 0900.

The airport was just over an hour away, and we pulled into the arrival area at 1015. Craig had just stepped out to the curb moments before we arrived, and we welcomed him aboard as soon as we stopped.

2018-3-4aa with CraigDean snapped this excellent selfie that included all of us after we had picked up Craig at the airport. Job well done, Son!

We all agreed that lunch at the In-N-Out near Craig’s home sounded just fine. Craig called his son, Brett, and asked him to join us. Sure he would! When we pulled into the parking lot at the In-N-Out, Brett joined us. Craig and Dean headed into the store and returned with our orders. Thanks for a delicious lunch, Craig, especially my Double-Double and vanilla shake.2018-3-4lb lunch aboardA family portrait after the delicious In-N-Out burger lunch aboard Big Blue II near Craig’s home after our drive. (L-R: Brett, Dean, Craig, the familiar Tom Selleck look-alike, and his lovely wife, Lavonne.) A well fed and happy bunch, indeed!

After lunch it was decided that everyone would return to Craig’s home in Brett’s car except me; I’d head home with the coach. Lavonne had to pick up our car at Craig’s and drive it home. Dean would drive his rented car back to the airport for his flight to San Diego around 1800.

I bid everyone good-bye, gave Dean a big hug and thanked him for the effort to come visit us, and then we went our separate ways.

Our visit with Dean was very pleasant, but was over much too quickly. Still, it was a wonderful time together. We’re not sure when the next visit will be, but he said it would include the whole family. We hope so!

Back home, I unloaded the coach, dumped the tanks, and put her away in the coach barn in our community RV lot. She’d be heading to the shop the next day for some tuning to – hopefully – improve the fuel mileage, and a few more things I wanted done. Our drive to Gale and John’s  had been a short, sweet trip – and maybe my next adventure would be a springtime cross country trip!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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