Another Family Gathering in Woodland

2013-5-30 Home to Woodland, CA and back via SR99, I-5: 158 miles

It had been a few months since our last get together when my twin sis, Gale and hubby, John, drove down from Gridley, my cousin Murle drove up with Lavonne and I, and cousin Harris and wife, Barbara, drove from Sacramento and met in Woodland for lunch aboard Big Blue. So, it was time to meet again! The agreed time was 1100 to 1300.2018-5-30a Windy startThe wind was blowing as we left home – and kept blowing all day long!

Getting everyone on the same page for the event isn’t all that much work, but it does take a few phone calls and emails to get it organized. The effort is well worth it because if someone didn’t, we’d probably never get together!

2018-5-30b rice peeking up Yolo BypassThe rice crop was just peeking above the water as we crossed the Yolo Causeway above Sacramento. Rice is a huge crop in the valley.

We met at the same shopping center in Woodland as in the past, but I parked in a more central area so we’d be closer to all the fast food places and not just the In-N-Out burger store. So, while Harris and Barbara brought in hamburgers, Lavonne and Murle Jean chose taco salads from TacoJohn’s and I went to Panda Express for some Chinese food. When Gale and John arrived a bit late, they also chose In-N-Out burgers.2018-5-30e Parked for familyBig Blue parked for the family lunch together in Woodland.

2018-5-30c Gathering The family after lunch aboard the coach in Woodland. That’s (L-R) Harris and wife Barbara, Lavonne and Dale, John and Gale, and Murle Jean. We were all stuffed and happy at the time!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the lunch together in the comfort of the coach, and we spent the two hours catching up with one another’s doings.

We chose an awful windy day for our lunch date, but while we were in the coach we were very comfortable. The wind was unusually strong and while driving I fought an awful crosswind both directions. It was not pleasant and very tiring, but still well worth the time together.2018-5-30d Sacramento RiverCrossing the mighty Sacramento River en route home.

During our visit, I opened a few windows and the breeze and cooler temps kept the coach comfortable. I thought I’d have to run the generator/air conditioner but didn’t have to turn it on ’til we were almost home.

I had ordered our weekly Walmart grocery pickup for 1400 hours in Stockton on the way home, and we arrived just a couple minutes late. The Walmart folks trotted right out with our groceries soon after we arrived, and we loaded them in a basement hold. We resumed the drive home after only about 10 or 15 minutes. The Walmart pick up service, at no extra charge, is a real convenience and we’ve been buying groceries that way for over a year.2018-5-30f chat en route homeLavonne and Murle Jean visited at the table all the way home.

It was during the drive home from Walmart that I turned on the house air conditioning to keep Lavonne and Murle Jean comfortable back at the table where they chose to sit and visit during the drive home.2018-5-30g chat going homeThe infernal wind continued to blow like heck all the way home! I told Lavonne and Murle Jean as we drove home that if today was my first day to drive a motorhome there probably would not have been a second day! The driving was not pleasant as I fought a strong crosswind the entire drive.

We all agreed that our next get together would be in Gridley to make the trip easier for Gale and John as it takes them an awful long time to get ready because of Gale’s health. So Murle would drive up with us and stay in their guest room overnight as Lavonne and I would stay in the coach as we usually do. Harris and Barbara would drive up from Sacramento and return home the same day as it’s only about an hour each way for them. So we’ll likely try that in September and it sounded like everyone wanted to make it happen.

Our next adventure is planned to begin in less than two weeks when we’ll head once again to Denver to see the kids there, and then perhaps on to Graceland in Tennessee to complete the trip that was so violently ended back in October. Yep… life is an adventure aboard Big Blue!


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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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