Another Quick Trip to Gridley

Monday, August 6, 2018, Day 1, Home to Gridley via I-5, CA99.

It was the dog days of summer, and we wanted to go see my twin sis, Gale, and her hubby John, in Gridley – even though the days would be near triple digits. With the fridge fixed, it was time to hit the road – even if only for a couple hundred miles!

The morning began with a heck of a disappointment as I walked down to the coach to bring Big Blue from the RV lot up to the house. I had turned on the fridge the night before, so the first thing I did was to check that it was nice and cold. But no! It had somehow not stayed on and the familiar “no co” code was flashing on the front display which meant “not cold”! My heart sank after having fixed it. I simply turned it on again, and it stayed on. And it worked just fine all day – once it got cold. These propane/electric fridges are very slow to cool down. But cool down it did and we were relieved!

2018-8-6a loading pizzaAs we loaded the coach, I paused to show off the pizza we’d have for dinner with Gale and John.

We busied ourselves packing the coach that mild August morning, and pulled out of our little senior gated community a bit after 1000 hours. It didn’t stay mild for long, but the usual valley heat seemed stunted by all the haze from the many smoky fires all over Kalifornistan. It seemed the fires were burning the whole state down this summer and the news reported that we were in the worst wildfire year ever!

2018-8-6e fires closed highwaysA highway sign along I-5 warned drivers that two state highways were closed due to the fires. It had been the state’s worst fire year ever.

2018-8-6d Feather River
Crossing the Feather River on CA99 in Sutter County.


Here’s a happy camper behind the wheel of Big Blue II, and his cute lil’ Trail Buddy as we headed north to Gridley (Click for larger photos of the handsome couple.): 

Our drive was unremarkable, as we like, and we pulled into the Gridley Safeway parking lot a few minutes before noon. We brought along strawberries with the pizza, and Lavonne had baked a cake to make strawberry short cake for dessert after the pizza dinner. I went into the store and bought whipped creme. I also bought a couple pieces of chicken from the deli – and a small ambrosia salad to go with it. Lavonne whipped up a tuna sandwich there in the coach while I did the shopping. We like to have lunch before we arrive at Gale and John’s so they don’t have to worry about serving lunch for us.

After lunch aboard the coach in town, we drove the short distance into the country and arrived at Gale and John’s at 1330.

2018-8-6g John's GardenParked nearly in John’s garden for our visit. 

After setting up the coach for our overnight stay, we greeted Gale and John in the house and we all visited the afternoon away – save the time we went back to the coach for our naps as Gale also rested. We old folks need our rest!

2018-8-6h pizza dinnerThe old folks at dinner. That’s my sweet twin sis, Gale, on the left, her hubby John, that Tom Selleck look alike, and his loving wife, Lavonne. I can report that pizza and corn on the cob go great together! 

Around 1700 John and Lavonne began dinner by putting the “take-n-bake” Papa Murphy pizza in the oven. I also brought some corn on the cob, and we enjoyed that with our pizza.

2018-8-6i strawberries as artFor dessert we whipped up the much anticipated strawberry short cakes, and they were superb! They were a delicious dessert on a warm summer evening.

After dinner, Gale and I sang gospel songs as she accompanied us on the piano. We enjoyed a lovely visit with Gale and John, and when we returned to the coach for the evening we spent a couple hours online, as usual. Lavonne played her usual word games and I began this travelogue. We slept well aboard Big Blue, and we ran the air conditioners to keep us comfy ’til after bed time.

Day 2, Gridley to home via CA99, I-5: trip total 241 miles

We were up and about sometime after 0600 and greeted the new day. It was a cool and comfy morning out there in the country near Gridley, but  it wouldn’t last; the weather was to be smoky and hot again.

We clacked away on the computers after morning chores, and waited for the phone call to let us know they were up and about in the house.

My dear twin, Gale, suffers from a disability related to Parkinson’s that has made her unable to walk. She seems fine otherwise as we visit, and joins right in with our conversations. But life is challenging for folks with such disabilities, and that includes their spouses. John is seemingly always busy with the many chores of running the house and caring for Gale. And sometimes mornings run a bit late for them as they prepare to meet the day.

We went in to continue our visit, and as usual, it was decided that John and I would run into town and pick up breakfast at the local Mickey D’s. We returned with yummy breakfasts for all –  except for Lavonne who opted for healthier oatmeal.

A few minutes after 1000 we bid good-bye to Gale and John with hugs all ’round, then climbed aboard Big Blue for the drive home. We had no delays as we cruised down CA99 to just east of Sacramento where we merged onto the wretched I-5 and pounded along its endless cracks and potholes to home. What a sad commentary that highway is about the management of Kalifornistan. But I digress…

We arrived home at 1300 and commenced the unloading of our stuff. I am very pleased to report that the fridge really is fixed, and it ran fine during the entire trip both on propane and electric. What a relief!

We’re looking forward to our big trip next month to Denver to see the kids there, then perhaps on to Tennessee and Graceland. I can hardly  wait!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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