The First of Two March Visits to Gridley

Visit with Gale and John – and Kevin, too!

Thursday, March 14, 2019, to Gridley via Sacramento Airport

It was finally time to hit the road again, this time just a short jaunt to Gridley to visit my twin sis, Gale, and her hubby, John. We would stop at the Sacramento Airport to pick up their son, Kevin, who would fly in from Arizona to visit his mom and dad through the weekend.

It had been well over a month since I parked Big Blue and I was soooo looking forward to the drive. We would pick up Kevin about 1800 hours so we were in no hurry to hit the road.

At 1300 I pulled the coach up to the house and we began loading our groceries, clothing, etc. We left home at 1440 which was way too early, but we wanted to beat the afternoon traffic if we could. Still, we were caught in the heavy commute traffic in Sacramento for a short while.

Click to enlarge and read captions:

We arrived at the airport nearly two hours earlier than we had to, but we planned to have dinner as we waited. We had time to peruse the ‘net as well, so it wasn’t so much a wait as it was just an afternoon at “home”.

2019-3-14f pickupKevin headed for the coach when we pulled up to the loading area. He had flown from Phoenix to spend the weekend with his folks.

After Kevin landed and retrieved his luggage, he gave us a call and we drove to the pick-up area where he was waiting for us. We loaded his suitcase into a lower hold, and continued on our way to Gridley. Lavonne had made a sandwich for him, and as we drove north along CA99 he enjoyed his dinner.

2019-3-14g en route to GridleyI think Kevin was convinced that Class A motor homes are the way to travel – especially when dinner is included!

We arrived at Gale and John’s about 1930 when it was nearly dark. I struggled to get the coach backed into the driveway as it was almost too dark to see my way, but I managed to get situated. John came outside to greet us, and soon Kevin and Lavonne headed into the house with John as I set up the coach for a couple of nights. I joined them in the house and we visited a short while – but it was getting a little late for my sis, so Lavonne and I headed to the coach for the night.

At “home” in the coach, we tended the usual evening chores. We relaxed as we perused our favored web sites. The night was cool, but the heater kept the place warm and cozy. I slept well. Lavonne did not sleep so well…

2019-3-15a Big BlueBig Blue at Gale and John’s in the country near Gridley.

Friday, Day 2, a day visiting family.

At some time during the night I awoke to find Lavonne sleeping on the couch. She said she had fallen during the night, but fortunately did not get hurt. She had gotten dizzy at the sink, lost her balance and fell to her knees. I never heard a sound, but she wasn’t feeling well and chose to curl up on the couch. She just had her #2 shingles shot the day before, and apparently it had not set well with her. She slept late that morning, and by 1100 she was feeling a lot better, although weak.

Meanwhile, I had gone into town with John to buy Mickey D’s for breakfast. John, Kevin and I enjoyed the tasty junk food around the table while the two gals still slept. It was a slow morning.

The day passed slow and easy. Sometime during the afternoon John and Kevin went to town for a few items. I repaired a hinge on one of the lower storage doors that had worked loose. Most of us old folks took a nap during the afternoon.

2019-3-15c family After dinner we posed for a family photo. That’s John and Gale, Kevin, Lavonne and that Tom Selleck look-alike.

A bit after 1700 talk turned to dinner. We decided on Chinese food, and after we perused the online menu of a local cafe, Kevin placed our order and he and I headed to town and picked it up. As most Chinese food goes, it was pretty good, but certainly no Dave Wong’s!

We visited ’til about 1930 hours, then bid the Samples good night and headed to our home in the driveway. It had been a lovely family visit throughout the day.

2019-3-15d evening at homeThe Gillespies enjoying an evening at home on Gale and John’s driveway. What a convenient way to travel and visit family!

Back at the coach, Lavonne and I visited our favored web sites, I updated this travelogue, and simply enjoyed another evening aboard our cozy little home on wheels.

Lavonne headed to bed an hour or so before me. I wasted time watching YouTube videos (of Texas feral hog hunting) as I enjoyed a couple cool ones. I was off to bed about 2330.

Saturday, Day 3, Gridley to home via CA99, I-5: total trip 251 miles

We slept in that Saturday morning out in the country, and we must have needed it. I was up and about at 0730 and Lavonne joined me a few minutes later. We worked through morning chores, perused the ‘net, and enjoyed our first cups of coffee along with a perfectly splendid country morning.

We would be heading home that morning, but first things first, and when we headed to the house to visit the Samples, talk turned to breakfast. We chose to eat what was available, so most of us had instant oatmeal with fruit. After the Chinese pig-out the night before, I really didn’t want another junk food breakfast.

We continued visiting ’til I noticed that it was already 1000 – and I had planned to be leaving by that time. I headed out to the coach and set her up for the drive home. When all our hugs were passed around and our good-byes said, we pulled out of their driveway about 1020.

The drive home was very pleasant. The day was mild, the wind was to our back and very gentle. We had one stop to make en route home, and that was at a Stockton Walmart. I had ordered the week’s groceries online the prior evening for pickup that morning.


We pulled into the Walmart lot a few minutes after 1200 hours, and the groceries were wheeled out to the coach. After bagging them and stashing them in a basement storage compartment, we were again on our way.

We arrived home at 1300. We unloaded the groceries first, then began the unloading of the “stuff” we took along for the trip. I paused for a few minutes to zap a quick lunch, then drove the coach back to our community RV lot where I dumped the tanks and washed her very dirty front cap. Yep – the bugs are blooming along with all the plants!

We enjoyed our lovely visit with my dear sis and John and their son, Kevin. We learned that their daughter, Jill, and her husband, Craig, would likely visit in just two weeks, and we hoped we could visit again to see them when the date was firmed up. Meanwhile, we planned a trip to Oregon sometime in April to visit my ol’ buddy, Al, and his wife, Betty. We’re looking forward to that trip, too.

Life is good aboard Big Blue!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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