A Second Visit to Gridley in Two Weeks

A second March visit with Gale and John – during  Jill and Craig’s visit from the snowy land of La Pine, Oregon!

Day 1, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, to Gridley via I-5, CA99

We learned the past visit that Jill and Craig, Gale and John’s daughter and husband, would visit this month as well as Kevin. But their visit would be about two weeks later. I wanted to visit them as well, because we don’t see them often, either, as they live in La Pine, Oregon. When their visit dates were firmed up, I decided to go, even though Lavonne wouldn’t be able to make it due to other commitments.

2019-3-26a loading up
On the morning of the 26th, I loaded up the coach and headed to Gridley for a couple nights.

The drive would take me through Sacramento, as always, and while there I stopped at the new Delta Shores shopping center to pick up some bread and some fruit. After the quick shopping run into the beautiful new Walmart, I drove over to the In-N-Out that was also new in the center.

2019-3-26b In-n-nOut
I ordered a delicious Double Double, fries, and a vanilla shake from the friendly gal at the new In-N-Out. When my order arrived, I took it the coach and had a delicious, much anticipated lunch of my favorite burger – something I allow myself only once every few months.

After the lunch treat, I continued north, enjoying the trip – especially on on the rural CA99 from just above Sacramento to Gridley. Springtime was busting out all over the valley!

Click for larger photos and captions:

When dinnertime rolled around, I helped myself to the crock pot of corned beef that sat on the kitchen counter, having slowly cooked all day. It was a good meal, and one I enjoy very rarely as I don’t know anyone who cooks the stuff – apparently Craig does. Everyone else had a late lunch at the Outback Restaurant in Chico, and had full tummies already.

We enjoyed a lovely visit around the living room that evening, catching up on family news. I headed back to coach about 1930 or so, and got after my usual evening chores when on the road. And sometime later that evening I wasn’t feeling so well as something I had eaten didn’t set well. When I finally headed for bed around midnight, I began a rough night, something unheard of for me. I always sleep well, but not that night.

Day 2, a day in the country with family

It was a rainy night in the Gridley area. I always enjoy the sound of rain on the roof of the coach – we seem to hear every drop land on such nights.

As pleasant as the rain was, it wasn’t so pleasant to be up and down much of the night with my upset stomach. I carry Pepto-Bismol with me on my trips just in case, and this was a case where it came in handy. I took several doses of the stuff to settle my stomach, and it seemed to work by late morning. 

2019-3-27a Big BlueBig Blue at rest in the country near Gridley for a couple nights – a sometimes rainy visit.

When I got up around 0700, as I usually do lately, I was still dealing with the stomach issue. As morning passed, I got to feeling better, but still ate very lightly both breakfast and lunch. I had no desire to join John and Craig for breakfast in town when they decided to go. I would take the day slow and easy, including a good nap in the afternoon for over an hour.

In fact, everyone took the day slow and easy. Nothing seemed planned and we just hung out together. During the afternoon as I took a much needed grandpa nap for about an hour, John and Craig headed to Oroville to see a couple riverside parks. I was happy to stay put after the rough night I’d had.

After my nap I headed to the house for a bite to eat – a bowl of oatmeal. That seemed a good, light meal for my troubled system. For dinner I zapped a frozen meal I had brought along from home, and it was pretty light, too.

I felt better as afternoon turned to evening and I headed to the coach for the night. I worked through the evening chores as usual, if showering and writing this blog can be considered work. And I was in bed about an hour earlier than usual – it had been a rough day.

Thursday, Day 3, Gridley to home via CA99, I-5: 247 miles total trip

It rained a bit sometime during the night as I heard it a time or two, but I slept all the better with the comforting patter of rain drops on the roof. I am easily comforted.

I was up a bit before 0700 and was pleased to have had a very restful night. I slept well and got and extra hour or so of sleep. I began the morning chores and worked through them, and then headed to the house to greet the family. We visited briefly as I enjoyed a bowl of sugary shredded wheat for breakfast.

2019-3-28a The FiveBefore leaving, we all posed for a quick family photo. That’s the Tom Selleck look-alike on the left, John, Jill, Craig – and Gale is seated. That’s a fine looking family, indeed!

A tree trimming truck appeared out front on the road, and set up to trim trees on the shoulder. They parked directly if front of the coach and I was concerned they might trap me in the driveway. I headed out and asked a crewman how long they’d be and that I needed to get out of the driveway soon. They’d be about 40 minutes he said, and I translated that to mean an hour, so right away I set the coach up for the trip home, then headed into the house and bid everyone a quick farewell with hugs all ’round.

2019-3-28b tree crew
The tree trimming outfit set up before I planned to leave, so I hurriedly prepped the coach for the trip home, then bid the family a quick but warm good-bye. I got out of the driveway before the fellas got started.

I pulled out of the driveway just before they created a big mess, and headed for home at 0930. I had to take a bit of a detour to get on my usual route, but I was soon on my way home.

Click for photos of the beautiful valley during its brief but glorious displays before the summer sun turns most of it brown:

I had two stops en route home; one at a Walmart in Stockton to pick up groceries I had ordered the day before, and another stop that was unscheduled – it was actually more of an extended slowdown.

As I drove south on I-5 toward home, a notice appeared on my Garmin navigator that a 13 minute delay was 13 miles ahead. Those notices are often incorrect as the delays are usually cleared by the time I reach them, but not this one!

Sure enough, traffic was soon snarled and I had to idle along for a mile or two in bumper to bumper traffic, wondering what the issue was. In about 15 minutes I came upon an accident that involved a big rig that ran off the road, down an embankment, and head-on into a tree. As I drove slowly past I could see the rig well off the road, and the tractor was very difficult to see as it was, according to reports later, destroyed. As it turned out, the accident was a major delay that happened at about 1030 hours, and much later, about 1730 hours as we watched the news at home on TV, it was still being cleared. My educated guess was that the driver must have fallen asleep. The TV news reported that the truck driver was killed in the accident.

Click on any photo below for larger photos and captions:

After about 20 minutes, I was past the accident and drove on into Stockton and the Walmart store. I picked out a few items myself in the store, then the “grocery pickup” crew brought out my online order and we loaded it on the coach for the drive home.

I arrived home at 1330 hours. We had ordered a new mattress for the house, a Temper-Pedic like the one we are so pleased with in the coach. Lavonne told me the delivery was set for 1400 hours, so I had to hurry as I unloaded the groceries and then my “stuff” from the coach. I was done not long before the delivery truck arrived, and by the time they were done, I was plumb whipped – but I was home and the unloading was done and Big Blue was put away in her little barn in the RV lot. The dumping of the holding tanks, etc., would wait ’til the next day.

2019-3-28i safe at homeBig Blue back home in her RV barn. It was good to be home and safe and sound – especially after seeing that fatal accident along I-5. 

It was good to be back home, and I was already looking forward to my next trip in April! Life is good aboard Big Blue II!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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