To The Pacific Wonderland!

Another Oregon Adventure:

Friday, May 3:

Vanity can be an expensive fault, and when it comes to Big Blue, I can be pretty vain. She came with a pretty worn and nondescript mudflap when I bought her, so I had it removed – no flap at all looked better. Ever since its removal, I planned to replace it one day. It has now been almost a year and a half, and it was more than time for a replacement.  I searched online and found the DuraFlap company in Medford, Oregon that custom makes high end mudflaps. After a few phone calls to them about the cost, the design, etc., I ordered one! It was expected to be complete and ready to install the week of May 5th, so I began getting the coach ready for the drive to Medford, Oregon. I hadn’t driven Big Blue since March 28th, and I was sooooo overdue to hit the road.

Photos of a DuraFlap mudflap similar to the one I ordered, and a diagram of the design for Big Blue II. Click to enlarge and read the captions:

As I planned my next adventure, I was delayed due to a hernia operation on Tax Day, April 15. That was a tough day, I must admit. Surgery and federal income tax on the same day should be considered elder abuse, but I soldiered through it pretty well. It would be a couple of weeks before I would be up to prepping and loading the coach.  It was good therapy to make plans for the coming adventure during the time I was pretty much limited to my recliner as I recovered from the surgery.

About a week after surgery, I had the scheduled post-op phone visit with my surgeon. Since I was glued and taped back together instead of stitched up, I was feeling better pretty quickly. I would be up to prepping the coach in a few more days, and figured I’d be ready to begin the trip the first week in May. I was getting pretty excited!

I would spend the first night of the Oregon adventure visiting my sis and brother-in-law near Gridley, spend the second night on the road, and the third night with my old high school buddy, Al, and his wife, Betty, in Keizer, OR. I would drop in at the DuraFlap factory probably on Thursday as I headed home. At least that was the plan.

It was on May 3, 18 days after the surgery that I felt up to climbing up on the coach roof to begin a good wash job. It would take me three days, an hour or so each day, to wash her entirely – a job I used to do all at once in a couple hours or so on prior coaches. I was younger then, and while this old man moves slower, I still get the job done!

Day 1, Monday, May 6, 2019, home to Gridley via CA99, I-5: 122 miles

Big Blue was finally ready for my Oregon adventure, and when the day finally arrived, I drove the coach the few yards to our home and began loading for the trip. Big Blue sure looked good! She was washed top to bottom and her aluminum wheels shined brightly.

2019-5-6a loadingLoading all the stuff  for my Oregon adventure!

These days I count the hours spent washing and even the time spent loading the coach as the day’s cardio exercise in place of my mile walk. It seems a fair exchange and is usually even more tiring.

After loading and bidding my dear Wifey good-bye, I pulled out of our little senior community and headed north for just a few miles – to our son’s business in Stockton. Craig has a thriving finishing company and a week or so earlier I had taken the grill from the back of Big Blue to him to strip and powder coat. Again, it was just my vanity that wanted to brighten up that dowdy ol’ grill – and his people did a wonderful job! They applied a powder coating that was very chrome like, and almost as shiny! I pulled up near his office and by the time I stepped out of the coach, he brought out what appeared to be a brand new grill. It was beautiful! Naturally, he offered to help install it, but it was a simple job and I declined his offer. I knew he had better and more pressing things to do. I thanked him profusely and set about installing it.

2019-5-6ab coated grillHere’s my shiny, like new grill in place and looking good! Most people would never notice, but I sure did! And later during my Oregon adventure I planned to have a snazzy new mudflap hanging below.

After the install, Craig came out to look at it, and we both agreed it was worth the effort. Thanks, Craig! And I continued my drive.

A short drive later I pulled into a gas station to add some fuel – but just enough to get to the Feather Falls Casino gas station in Oroville where fuel is considerably cheaper than anywhere else I know in Kalifornistan. I pumped on just 15 gallons at $4 per, and would fill up for just $3.45 per at the Feather Falls Casino gas station in Oroville after visiting my sis.

I drove through the madness of Sacramento on I-5 to the junction of CA99 just a few miles north of the city. It’s always good to drive in the rural country and its lighter traffic. Soon after the junction I pulled off the highway and parked for lunch. I whipped up a good turkey sandwich, then continued north.

The day’s drive in photos – click to enlarge and read captions. After clicking, scroll down to “view full size” and click on that for a larger photo, then click again for a huge photo (this works for all grouped photos):

I arrived at my sister and brother-in-law John’s place at 1500 hours. After setting up the coach for an overnight stay, I headed into the house and began our warm visit. My dear twin sis, Gale, struggles with a form of Parkinson’s, and she cannot walk on her own. Gale and John have been married for about 58 years now, and it’s heartwarming to see John care for her with such devotion. John’s near full time job these days is to care for Gale – and such care is very demanding. There must be a special place in heaven for such lovely people!

We decided to head to town to pick up some Taco Bell for dinner – that was Gale’s choice after I offered to buy her any dinner in town and bring it home for her. So we all piled into the family car and soon were enjoying tacos and nachos. Yo quiero, Taco Bell!  (Ad from about 1997.)

2019-5-6f parked in country near GridleyBig Blue set up for the night out in the country near Gridley. It had been a beautiful and mild day in the valley.

During dinner we visited over the dining table, and then for a while in the living room watching TV. It was only about 1900 hours when I headed to the coach for the night. I had some blogging and photo editing to do in the coach and wanted to get at it. Gale and John have their own evening chores and preparations to take care of, and I would be out of their way – just one of the many benefits of living aboard Big Blue while on the road!

2019-5-6g The BloggerSpending the night aboard and blogging away on the laptop. The Old Man does know how to have a good time!

I worked through my evening chores and blogged ’til after 2100, then watched some YouTube nonsense as I enjoyed a couple cool ones. It had been a long day. I headed to  bed at 2330 and slept very well.

Day 2, Tuesday, Gridley, CA to Roseburg, OR via CA70, CA49, CA99, I-5: 355 miles

The night was cool in the countryside near Gridley, but I slept well, indeed, and was looking forward to the drive to Oregon! After morning chores, I went inside and visited with John a few moments, and we decided I’d drive their car into town for some Mickey D’s breakfast sandwiches and burritos. Gale was still asleep, but we got one for her that she could enjoy later.

After the junk food run, John and I enjoyed our Mickey D’s at their dining table. We visited a while, but soon it was time for me to convert my cozy little home on wheels into a serious highway cruiser. After raising the jacks, powering in the bedroom slide and unhooking from the grid, I was ready to hit the road!

I walked back to the house to bid John good-bye, and discovered that Gale was up and about. I was able to share hugs with them both, and bid them a fond farewell. And I was on my way!

 I pulled out of their driveway at 0930 and drove east through Gridley to Highway 70 and then turned north toward Oroville and the Feather Falls Casino gas station. They had the best diesel price I could find anywhere along my route. While diesel was generally $4 and more, they sold it for $3.50 – and I wanted to fill up with the stuff!

When I arrived at the station, I had to wait in line to pump. The place was a zoo!

2019-5-7b Feather Falls zooThe log lines waiting to pump cheap gas and diesel – the lines went around the back of the building!

When I finally got to a diesel pump I loaded on a bit over 68 gallons – and all on one card reading! That’s unheard of and I was mighty pleased as I pulled out of the station and continued my drive.

I saw some new country as I drove north on CA70 and CA149, then at CA99 I was on my old stomping grounds through Chico, Los Molinas and Red Bluff. We lived in the Red Bluff area back in the 70s, and the area doesn’t seem to have changed all that much.

I merged onto I-5 at Red Bluff and enjoyed the drive north through the Shasta area. It was good to see Shasta Lake plumb full, and Mt. Shasta covered in snow. It had been a good, wet winter for Kalifornistan.

Click to see larger photos and the captions:

I pulled into Mickey D’s at Weed and ordered a Reese’s snack size McFlurry and a large coffee. I do love their coffee – and also their McFlurries. And I continued my drive toward Roseburg.

I just go camera nuts as I drive through Oregon’s beautiful country. It is at its best in the springtime and I enjoyed driving every mile. Here are a few photos of Oregon:

Click to enlarge:

While stopped at the rest area as shown above, I noticed my right signal light had parted company – what the… ?! It once fell out and was dangling when I noticed it and it seemed to snap right back into place. I should have somehow made it tighter. So now I have to find a replacement and I suspect it won’t be easy. Maybe Fleetwood still carries them and if so, I have a hunch it’ll be expensive! Didn’t I say that it’s always something? Well… it is always something! (Back home I found it for just $19 on ebay – brand new!)

Eventually I reached Roseburg and followed my navigator’s guidance to the Walmart store there. I headed into the store at once and took my daily walk, then shopped for some groceries. Back at the coach when I began to cook a frozen dinner, I discovered that the microwave had quit working! Now… really?! Two somethings in one day?! I was fit to be tied!

There was just one thing to do – so I headed back to the store and bought a new microwave! Yep. I couldn’t see fixing a 14 year old one, so I looked over Walmart’s microwave oven offerings. I found one that had a full 1100 watts of power, which was surprising for a “cheap” one, and it was 1.1 Cu. Ft. It had a turntable, too. So for just $89, I wheeled it out to the coach, unboxed it and set it on the counter. And it did a great job of zapping my frozen turkey dinner.

Yes – it’s always something! I would still have to have the microwave built in where the original one sits, but it would be fine on the counter ’til I got back home.

After the somewhat more than usual chores that evening, I sat down to write the day’s travelogue. I spent two hours or more on it, and I was sure I saved it as I always do.

I enjoyed the rest of the evening – including a couple of cool ones – after the somewhat disheartening day. When 2300 rolled around, I got ready for bed and was tucked in by 2330. It had been a long day, but I was on the road doing what I love to do and the next day would be better!

Day 3, Wednesday, Roseburg, Or to Keizer, OR via I-5: 140 miles

I was up and around at 0630 after having first warmed up the place a bit. It was good to know that I’d visit with my old high school buddy, Al, and his lovely wife, Betty, that day.

Click to enlarge and read captions:

I first met Al at a church boarding high school in Canyonville, OR waaay back in 1957. The place was known back then as Canyonville Bible Academy, and is still there but now is known as Canyonville Christian Academy. I was as lowly a freshman as could possibly be, and Al was a sympathetic, although mighty, Senior. I’d had it at that *&%$!! school and was ready to head back home when he and I became roommates and life became much easier. I was the smallest kid in the school, and had the biggest mouth. Suddenly the other guys couldn’t pound on me, except the seniors. At least the seniors’ harassment was good natured. Usually. But I digress…

When I had the morning chores done, I tackled the new microwave and had to find a place for it to ride safely ’til I was back home and could have it replaced in the position the broken one occupied. I finally decided that back in the corner of the kitchen counter, behind the sink would work best. I walked into the store and bought a roll of that rubberized matting that keeps things from sliding around as the coach moves down the road. I have that matting under most everything on board, but was about out of the stuff. After cutting a piece of matting to fit under the microwave, I was satisfied that it was in a good place for the rest of the trip, then began blogging and editing photos once again.

2019-5-8c New MicrowaveThe new, smaller microwave sits in a corner of the kitchen counter. It seemed out of place there, but it would eventually be installed where the old one sits. I hoped.

When I sat down at the computer to add to this blog, I discovered that the prior day’s writing was missing – and I could not find it anywhere. I must have screwed up some way, but I have no idea how. I was probably too tired from that day’s frustrations to have done everything right, and I would simply have to rewrite that day’s story from memory. (When I got to Al’s, I did just that.)

At some point during the morning chores I ate an apple fritter I bought in the store. I chased it with a couple clementine oranges for dessert and called it breakfast.

Then I simply had to tackle the bug collection on the windshields that was out of control. I did a wonderful job on those windows and mirrors, and was soon done with the chores. I pulled out of the Walmart lot at 1000 hours and continued north toward Keizer, Oregon.

The drive through Oregon was just beautiful – it is among my favorite drives because of the green and lush landscape that is Oregon. I shot waaay too many photos, as usual, but I couldn’t help myself.

Click for Oregon Beauty and the captions!

As I neared the end of the drive, about 20 miles from Keizer, I pulled into a rest area to whip up a quick lunch before arriving at Al’s. I didn’t want them to think they had to furnish lunch. I poured a can of soup and put it in the new microwave and it fired right up. Then I put a ciabatta roll into the toaster and began toasting it. A few moments later both shut off at once. Now what?! Yep. That was my reaction because I’d been so frustrated with the missing light and the broken microwave.

I checked the generator breaker, all the 120 AC breakers, the small 20 amp DC fuses. I checked the inverter and it had one breaker tripped. I was sure that was it, but if so, not enough to fix the problem. I finally gave up in even more frustration and ate the soup cold and the ciabatta bread un-toasted. I was just about beside myself over the issues I’d had to deal with during my Oregon adventure.

Click for more photos of beautiful Oregon:

I continued on to Al’s place and arrived about 1345. I backed into his driveway and behind the new chain link gate they recently had installed. I greeted Al and Betty with hugs and it was good to have finally arrived. I went into the house and we visited for nearly an hour, I’d guess. I told them of my frustrations during the trip so far, and that I had to find and fix my electric problem.

I went back to the coach and set it up for the overnight stay. I then pulled out the owners manual and found that the ground fault interrupter was mentioned. It is part of the bathroom plug which is located by the sink. I went in and sure enough the little button had popped out. I simply pressed it back in and everything worked! I was so relieved! Apparently a dedicated microwave circuit, which has a plug inside the cabinet above the sink, must be used to power such an appliance. I had plugged the new microwave into a common kitchen circuit that overloaded when I added the toaster load. It was good to have actually found the problem and fixed it so easily.

Then I sat down and re-wrote the travelogue for the prior day that I had somehow lost. The day’s events came back to me pretty well and I was pleased to have caught up on the blogging.

2019-5-8M Big Blue in custody at Al'sBig Blue locked in for the night at Al and Betty’s lovely home.

Al and I agreed that at 1600 we’d head to our favorite restaurant nearby, which is McGrath’s Fish House. Betty stayed home as Al and I headed across town for dinner – we like to go early to beat the crowds, the noise and especially the loud kids.

We ordered our usual – coconut prawns, little red potatoes, and clam chowder. The clam chowder was like candy! They serve what is the best I have ever tasted. So were the excellent prawns – and the sauce that accompanied them was incredible. And the margarita I ordered was equally as well made – it was also the best I have ever tasted! McGrath’s is a wonderful place to dine, but we didn’t dawdle around after dinner. We headed straight home and continued our visit. Betty served ice cream on hot apple pie with crumbled Oreos atop the whole thing. It was a delicious dessert after a very memorable meal. It would be hard to go back to frozen dinners the next day!

2019-5-8n Dale and Al at McGrath'sPardon the awful photo, but it’s the only one: Al and I at dinner at McGrath’s Fish House, enjoying one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten!

While enjoying dessert, Al and I agreed to have breakfast out the next morning. After our visit, I bid Al and Betty good-night and headed back to the coach a few minutes after 1900. It had been a long day and I was tired. And I still had more photo editing and blogging to do besides the usual evening chores.

I blogged and edited photos during the evening. I also enjoyed a couple cool ones as I watched a few interesting videos on YouTube. I hit the sack by 2330 and slept well.

Day 4, Thursday, Keizer, OR to Medford, OR via I-5: 234 miles

I was up and around a bit before 0700. First thing after morning chores I went outside to fill the fresh water tank and empty the gray water holding tank while at Al’s. He has both a hose next to the coach and a sewer line cleanout access nearby, which is what an RV is designed to dump into. While loading fresh water, Al walked out and we chatted a bit. He was ready to drive to a local restaurant for breakfast already, so when I had filled the tank, he pulled the car out of the garage and we headed to the local Sheri’s for breakfast.

I ordered pancakes and fried eggs which is one of my favorites. We chatted for sometime while waiting for our breakfasts. Sheri’s, while not at all busy, seemed to take forever to serve us. When we finally got our orders, they were piping hot and very good. We headed back home as soon as we finished eating.

2019-5-9a Dale, Betty, Al, TommyDog
Dale, Betty, Al and Tommy the dog pose for a photo just before I continued south to Medford. Parker the dog was not so easily coaxed into the photo.

I bid Al and Betty and the dogs, Tommy and Parker, a fond good-bye, then left at 0920 and drove a short distance to a station that was selling diesel for just $3.26 per and filled up with 57 gallons. I then headed across town and merged onto I-5 south toward Medford.

Click for larger photos and the captions:

The drive was as delightful as the day before because the Oregon scenery is such a pleasure. My drive was only five hours and I arrived at DuraFlap in Medford around 1430. I chatted with the owner and his wife as an employee measured the coach and decided how best to install the custom mudflap. He also mounted brackets on the coach from which the big mudflap would hang. I would return the next morning and hoped that the metal portion which will bear the Big Blue II logo would arrive from the laser cutter to whom they contract for laser cutting the polished stainless steel.

2019-5-9g DuraFlap measurementAt the DuraFlap factory. Here an employee was measuring Big Blue for the custom mudflap I had ordered.

It was sometime after 1530 that I simply drove around the corner to a Walmart where I set up for the night. I would return to DuraFlap the next day at 0930 so they could cut the flap to my specs and make sure it would fit as I wanted. And there was a 50-50 chance that the metal part would arrive by 1000 hours. I sure hoped that it would arrive because they would mount the complete mudflat and I’d proudly drive home with it. If it didn’t arrive, they would have to ship it to me the following week and I’d have to hang it on the brackets myself – and they are heavy. Ugh.

I ran the air conditioners for several hours to stay comfortable in Walmart’s lot as Medford recorded a high temperature of 87° that day – and it was likely hotter on that asphalt lot. It was the first time I’d run the air that season and both units  worked just fine.

2019-5-9h Medford WalmartBig Blue at the Medford Walmart for the night.

Not long after sundown I was able to turn the air conditioners off and simply open the windows to keep comfortable. However, at about 2000 hours I decided it would be best if I moved to another part of the lot. A small group of pretty rough looking people who had parked their two cars were just hanging around about 50 feet away or so, and when two more cars with roughnecks joined them, it was looking like they might get rowdy. I raised the jacks, powered in the slide and found another place on the far side of the lot to spend the night.

I caught up on the blog, the photo editing, and zapped a frozen meal for dinner. And I fell to temptation, too. I bought two cans of Bud Light and a box of Crunch ‘n Munch (similar to Cracker Jacks but better), a snack I love but rarely allow myself. I enjoyed an hour or so of watching the movie Flyboys that my friend Al loaned me. I enjoyed the movie about the earliest fighters and pilots in WWI while Crunchn’ and Munchin’ and washing it all down with cold beer! I do know how to have a good time!

I was in bed by 2330, as usual, and slept very well.

Day 5, Friday, Medford, OR to Gridley, CA via I-5, CA99: 249 miles

My day started a bit after 0630 when I rolled out of bed in great anticipation of the fancy mudflap possibly being installed that morning! I was told there was a 50-50 chance that the metal portion would arrive at DuraFlap by 1000 hours. I sure was hoping!

I worked through the morning chores, including another good scrubbing of the windshields which were covered with bugs. I also took my daily walk around the lot and in the store. For breakfast I simply zapped a breakfast sandwich and enjoyed it along with a couple clementines.

By 0930 I was at the counter of DuraFlap’s front office letting them know I was there. I went back to the coach and waited for them to get started. Just a few minutes later the UPS truck dropped off their shipment and… my part was included!

A couple fellows assembled my flap back in the shop, then brought it out and attached it to the coach – and I was very pleased with the result:

2019-5-10a mudflapBig Blue II laser cut into brilliant stainless steel looks mighty good to me – and worth the effort and money! The stainless reflects the asphalt and the sun like a mirror! And that newly powder coated grill (above) from Craig’s company, looked mighty fine, too. And while on the subject of Big Blue’s pretty rear end, I should add that the chrome exhaust tip was a Christmas gift from Craig the year we got the coach. 

I was at DuraFlap just an hour and a quarter. I thanked them profusely for their fine service and the beautiful mudflap, then drove around the corner to the Walmart lot where I had room to position the coach for a good photo of the shiny, new mudflap.

And it was time to hit the road as it was about 1100 hours and the day was growing old. I decided to head to my sis’ place in Gridley for the night, about a 250 mile drive. I called them to be sure they’d put up with me again, and they would.

I stopped in Ashland, the last chance to buy fuel at Oregon prices, and filled up at $3.36 per. Back home the price was $4 per and more. I pumped on only 30 gallons but even that relatively small amount would save me around $20!

Siskiyou Summit – click for photos and captions:

The drive home would be a warm one as I dropped into the Central Valley from the long mountain drive past Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta. Redding had a high temp for the day of 93° – Gridley had a high of 88°.

2019-5-10h mixed emotions I still have mixed emotions every time I pass this sign – I really, really, hate Kalifornistan but, darn it, Honey, hearth, and hot tub await me there, and in that small community of ours, I am very content.

The drive was stunning in its natural beauty as I drove through the mountains. Oregon was wonderfully green and lush, and Kalifornistan’s Mt. Shasta and the lake were wondrous sights to behold. I shot plenty of photos on the way north, and that should have been enough, but I just couldn’t resist shooting way too many of Mt. Shasta as I headed back home – she was so beautiful.

Click for several photos of Mt. Shasta because I took way too many and of these four, it was too difficult to decide which was best – so you decide! And there’s a bonus photo of Mt. Lassen waaay off to the northeast of Red Bluff:

When I reached Red Bluff and turned onto CA99, I stopped at a Mickey D’s for a Reese’s McFlurry and a large coffee to go. That kept me wide awake the rest of the drive. When I reached Chico the traffic was a mess – it reminded me of home or LALA land. Perhaps there was some shindig at the college there, but then again, it was Friday afternoon!

I arrived at Gale and John’s place at 1645 and asked John to watch my new mudflap as I backed into his gravel driveway. Sure enough, I had to have John raise the flap as I backed in as it would have dragged its mirror finish over that gravel! They installed holes in the metal backing of the flap for hooks to grab hold, and I’ll use a cargo strap in the future to hold the flap up when I encounter such situations.

John had a well pump problem when I arrived, and lost his running water to the house from the well. I visited with Gale as he ran into town for the part he needed. When he returned he brought home some Whopper hamburgers for dinner, and we all enjoyed burgers and fries. He had the pump working soon after dinner and all was well again.

We continued visiting for a while in the living room after dinner. I called my dear Wifey to find what groceries we needed and I placed a pickup order at a Stockton Walmart. I would swing by en route home in the morning and they’d bring the stuff out to the coach. That Walmart grocery pickup program sure is a time saver!

About 1900 I bid Gale and John good-night and headed back to my cozy apartment in the driveway. After a shower I began this travelogue for the day’s adventure and, again, had taken too many photos and many did not make the cut.

2019-5-10n country sunsetA pretty country sunset taken from Gale and John’s place.

I watched the rest of the movie Flyboys and thought it a pretty good movie. A hundred years later, we probably don’t realize or have forgotten that those WWI pilots went up to engage in aerial combat in airplanes that had the structural integrity of a pup tent. They had no safety equipment of any kind. If they caught fire, and those planes were literally flying kindling, the pilots chose to either  burn along with the plane or jump into free fall with no parachute. When WWI broke out, parachutes were considered too bulky for airplane use and were used only on balloons and airships. A third option was to carry their service pistols aboard for a quicker way to die. What a life!

I hit the sack, as usual, about 2330 hours and slept well. It had been a big day.

Day 5, Saturday, May 11, Gridley, CA to home via CA99, I-5: 128 miles

I greeted the new day about 0630 hours, and was anxious to head for home after a quick breakfast with Gale and John. After morning chores I headed to the house and we decided that I’d drive their car to Mickey D’s for some breakfast sandwiches while John stayed with Gale.

I was back with the sandwiches quickly, and after visiting around the breakfast table, I excused myself to go prepare the coach for the drive home. After bidding Gale and John good-bye and thanking them for another stay at their place, I headed for home at 0900.

2019-5-11b crossing the Feather River on CA99ECrossing the Feather River en route home.

I had ordered the week’s groceries online for pickup at the Walmart just off I-5 in Stockton. The time slot was 1000 to 1100 hours, and I had no time to dawdle if I was going to be there on time – and I was about 5 minutes late. 15 minutes later I was heading for home – what a good deal Walmart pickup is!

2019-5-11c Walmart Grocery PickupFrankie, a Walmart associate, brought the grocery order out to me – and I was soon heading home without having to shop!

I arrived home just a few minutes before noon and greeted my dear Wifey with a warm hug. It was good to be home after five days away. After the warm welcome home, I had the groceries to lug into the house as well as all my stuff from the coach after the week’s trip. 

2019-5-11d Home!Home again! No matter where you may roam, the best part is coming home! – Quote from a sticker on our home fridge.

By 1330 hours I had unloaded everything and parked Big Blue under her over-sized carport in the RV lot. I had to raise the flap just to park in my own space! Our asphalt lot has a drainage channel right through the middle of it, and the lot slopes on each side of it. My fancy, new mudflap is going to require a lot of caution most everywhere that isn’t perfectly flat.

Dumping the holding tanks and washing the gazillion bugs off her pretty face would wait ’til the next day. It was good to be home, and I planned to spend the rest of the day in my well-worn and beloved recliner!

We have planned our June RV adventure to be a trip to visit our son, Allen, and his wife, Nancy, in Greenwood Village, Colorado – one of my favorite destinations. By then, I will get that missing front signal light replaced and hopefully have the new microwave oven installed in place of the one that quit this trip. And I am already anxiously looking forward to Colorado!

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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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  1. crash3289 says:

    Hi Dale…Just letting you know that your first 2 pictures go nowhere. First time I’ve seen that happen as you’re always good about linking.

    Do you see negative changes in your sister with every visit? My brother-in-law had MS and my husband would call him about every couple weeks and he could hear the difference in his speech and thinking. Just curious and if you don’t want to answer, I’ll respect that.

    Have fun on your OR adventure and showing off your new mud flap.

    crash3289 (Sandy)

    • FishWisher says:

      Sandy –
      I think I fixed the first two photos.

      Yes to your question about my sis. It’s discouraging, but that’s just how it is. She is very blessed to have John to care for her as he is very loving to her. It’s especially troubling because she is my twin. And while I’m living a pretty enjoyable retirement, she’s dealing with her issues and John is so busy caring for her. It just isn’t fair. I help out where I can and visit them pretty often, usually with my wife and she and my sis are best friends.

      Thanks for the visit!


  2. crash3289 (Sandy) says:

    That microwave…I had a GE one that over the years I replaced 3 ceramic fuses into it. It now sits in our basement, ready to be plugged in if necessary. Still works, just no turn table. But the inside is very large. It’s touch pad. I remember using it for popcorn when I won a convection microwave for a boat. Sure wish I could find another like that one!

    Yes, your 1st 2 photos after you went back, did then link. Thank you!

    • FishWisher says:

      I guess the microwave that quit went 14 years with probably little use but lots of vibration over the 70,000 miles it traveled. I guess that’s not bad. I do like the new one and am waiting on a call from a RV repairman who can fit it where it belongs. At least I hope he can!
      Thanks again for your visit. I’m back home now really hankering to hit the road for Denver (and beyond!) in June.
      – Dale

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