A Birthday Celebration at Craig’s Castle!

Craig Enters His 60th Year
It’s Time to Celebrate!

Day 1, Tuesday, April 6, Home to Stockton via CA99

Big Blue parked at Craig’s Castle for the party – and for the night. (Click to enlarge.)

Our son, Craig, the one who owns “Craig’s Castle” in Stockton, turned 59 years old this day. And finally, after a year off, we were going to have a small family gathering in celebration of Craig entering his 60th year. We really did miss every family gathering for the past year due to Covid. It had been nearly a month since we each got our second vaccine jabs, so we felt safe to mingle – at least in a small family get-together.

Lavonne baked a cake for the occasion, and I readied the coach – we always take Big Blue to such gatherings at Craig’s, and park for the night in his driveway. It makes the trip a two day affair. And… we don’t have to drive home after the party, but simply retire to our own home just outside Craig’s front door. It works out great all the way around.

At Craig’s, I was able to use the mat Lavonne gave me for my birthday – and that statement is so true!

We dawdled around the coach ’til a bit before 1800 hours, when Lavonne headed to the house. I headed to the shower so that I’d be done with chores for the evening before joining the party. Other family members arrived during the next hour. I headed up to the house after dressing for the occasion.

Lavonne and I posed with Big Blue. Looking good!
(Click to enlarge.)

It seemed everyone was involved in preparing the feast of Beer Can Chicken and pork ribs – and several side dishes. Craig cooked the chicken and Bre and James brought the ribs – which they barbecued on Craig’s balcony.

When dinner was served, we served ourselves buffet style, and then gathered around the table. The feast was superb, with toasted garlic bread, vegetables, twice baked potatoes by Bre, and more. We all ate our fill and had a wonderful time doing so. Dinner was followed by double chocolate cake and ice cream.

Party time for Craig’s 59th birthday – and everyone had a grand time. That’s Breanne (L), James, Dale, Laura, Craig, Nick, Carly and Lavonne.(Click to enlarge.)

When it was time to open his gifts, Craig got a 59th birthday T-shirt and a gift card for Amazon, a nice powerboat styled pool float, gift cards, and more. It seemed the celebration of his 59th birthday was done properly.

Craig’s 59th birthday T-shirt, and other gifts as he begins his 60th year.

The family continued visiting and celebrating after the gifts were opened, and a few of us began the kitchen cleanup. I often take a large part in such work at family gatherings, but after just a few minutes I was shooed out of the kitchen by the young’uns. Perhaps I’m getting too old and too slow to be much help. That’s not all bad!

After a while I decided it was time to head for the coach and a relaxing evening aboard. I bid everyone a good-night, thanked Craig for a lovely get together, and went home – which was just outside the front door. How handy!

Lavonne, escorted home by Craig, joined me an hour or so later. During the evening aboard Big Blue, I edited photos and wrote this travelogue; she prepared for bed. It had been a lovely evening with a wonderful family.

Day 2, Wednesday, April 7, Stockton to home via CA99: 43 miles total trip

We were up and about at our usual 0630. I turned on the heaters and headed back to bed, tenderfoot that I am, ’til things warmed a bit. Meanwhile, my tougher wife stayed up and began her day with coffee.

Craig joined us a bit after 0700 and visited for almost an hour before he ambled back up to his castle to get his day underway. We dawdled around the coach for another hour.

After half an hour of getting the coach ready to hit the road for home, we pulled out of the Craig’s Castle RV space about 0930 hours. Once home, I unloaded the things we took along for our short trip, and then idled to the RV lot in our little senior community. I dumped the tanks, topped off the fresh water tank, and parked Big Blue in her covered space.

We planned to leave for Arizona in three days, where we’d visit with a cousin of Lavonne’s that I don’t believe I’ve yet met. That will be our main coach adventure of April. After that, we have plans to head for Denver in May to visit with the kids there.

Life is good with regular adventures aboard Big Blue!


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Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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