2022 Family Gatherings at Craig’s Castle

Family Thanksgiving at Craig’s Castle

November 24 – 25, To Craig’s in Stockton via CA99, I-5: 19 miles

It was finally time to load up Big Blue for a trip, albeit just to Stockton for our annual Family Thanksgiving. It had been a slow summer for Big Blue with diesel selling for over $6 per gallon. I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money because of political nonsense! But there was plenty of fuel aboard for a round trip to Stockton!

Big Blue at Craig’s Castle in Stockton. (File photo)

We headed north on CA99 for the short drive to Craig’s at about 1300 hours on Thanksgiving day. We planned to spend the night there after the big feast, and return home the following day, Black Friday.

The gathering included Craig, Laura, Carly, Michael,  Dale, Lavonne, Darren, Ashley, Jeremy, Alexandra, Sam, Stephanie, Little Sammy, and Pat. 

Craig, Pat, Stephanie, Sammy, Sam, Darren, Ashley, Laura, Carly, Nick, Alexandra, Jeremy, and Lavonne enjoyed a lovely evening of dining on turkey and ham and all the trimmings imaginable. (Click to enlarge, click again for original size.)

The feast was followed, naturally, by at least a half dozen pies, ice cream and various other treats. It was the usual Family Feast we all so enjoy at these gatherings.

Sam and lil’ Sammy with cousin Alexandra during the gathering.

After the big dinner, most played Bingo and had the usual grand time. The big winner of the evening was eight year old Jeremy who won two “jackpots” for his efforts.

Click to read captions and enlarge; click again for even larger:

Lavonne joined me in the coach after playing Bingo. I spent the Bingo party time in the coach where I thoroughly enjoyed the evening aboard my favorite toy.

The Old Man in his Happy Place.

Lavonne and I spent a restful night aboard Big Blue. The following morning Lavonne and I enjoyed a leisurely visit with Craig and Laura aboard the coach. We were in no hurry to leave, but around 1230 hours we did finally head for home.

The next scheduled family gathering will be at Christmas time. We’re all looking forward to another grand time together once again at that time.

Come January, I plan to hit the road for Texas and my annual Search for Sunshine adventure into the Lone Star State – I don’t care what the price of diesel will be, I’ve just got to get some road time!


A Visit from M’ Boy…

Day 1, August 27, Home to Craig’s Castle in Stockton, CA via CA99, I-5: 19 miles

As I recovered from the recent heart attack that followed our trip to Oregon last month, I wasn’t sure when or where our next adventure would be. But our son, Dean, in Oceanside, CA arranged to visit us this weekend.  On such occasions he stays with our son, Craig, in Stockton, about 20 miles north of our home.

Big Blue, parked on the large driveway of Craig’s Castle for Dean’s visit.

So, a couple of days at Craig’s, with the coach parked in his very ample driveway became our next adventure. It would be a relatively short visit of just one night and two days, but a visit from Dean would make it a very special weekend, indeed.

Dean flew in from Oceanside via the San Diego airport on Friday. Craig picked him up at the Sacramento airport, so the two of them spent Saturday evening together. We would drive up the next day, and spend Saturday night.

Breanne, Craig’s daughter, visited us on Saturday for a while, before returning home to Napa late that afternoon. She and Dean rarely see one another these days, and that was a pleasant time for them – and the rest of us, as well.

We brought hamburger fixins’ for Saturday evening, and Craig barbecued them for us. We had a grand visit – just the four of us – that evening as we looked over a portion of the California Delta, which is the grand view behind Craig’s home.

2019-8-3h view from Craig's balconyThe view from Craig’s veranda includes a small portion of the California Delta.

We celebrated Dean’s 52nd birthday that evening with an ice cream cake made to look like a beer mug. As mugs go, it was a very squat, wide, but delicious mug.

Dean’s ice cream cake somewhat resembled a beer mug. It was a delicious Baskins – Robbins’ creation. The “5” and the two candles equaled 52 for Dean’s 52nd birthday.

Click to enlarge photos and read captions:

After dinner and the birthday celebration, we continued visiting with Craig and Dean. I headed to the coach for the night a while before Lavonne joined me. It was a real pleasure for me to be back aboard the coach, even for just one night.

We enjoyed a quiet night aboard Big Blue, “camped” in the driveway of Craig’s Castle. We do know how to have a good time!

Day 2, August 28, Craig’s Castle to Home: 38 miles total trip

Our day began with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, courtesy of our very generous host, Craig. What a guy! There are certain privileges associated

ANY 2 Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts JUST $13! 4 DAYS ONLY!

with being married to the lovely Lavonne, and Craig’s generosity is certainly one of them.

We enjoyed our breakfast of donuts and coffee – or milk – on that slow and easy Sunday morning with Craig and Dean.

Lavonne took a few photos that morning of Dean and Craig and I…

Dean, The Old Man, and Craig chock full of Krispy Kreme donuts.

After our donut breakfast, it was time for Dean to head for the Sacramento Airport to catch his flight home. I was elected driver, so I had the pleasure of driving Craig’s Audi V-8 sedan. That drive was very memorable because that Audi was something like driving a four-door Corvette!

2018 Audi A5 Sportback Review, Pricing, and Specs

When I returned from the airport run and had to give the Audi back to Craig, it was time to set the coach up for our return trip home. It had been a lovely visit with Dean and Craig.

I have a severe itch to get away for an extended trip soon, and am planning to scratch that itch by October. When the weather cools a bit, the summer tourists have returned home, and my physical issues have improved, I want to  hit the road for an extended drive through several states aboard Big Blue. Another caveat is the price of fuel that has been at record high levels all summer – I’ll continue to hope for much lower prices by fall and winter.

About FishWisher

Over the years I have posted many exciting fishing and boating stories here, but now in my seventies, it was time to sell the boat and find less demanding pastimes. All the fishing stories are still here! I will now post my travels aboard the motorhome and other activities. I hope y'all will still enjoy the fishing and boating adventures and perhaps peek in on my post-boating activities on occasion. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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3 Responses to 2022 Family Gatherings at Craig’s Castle

  1. Susan T says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your adventures. And your determination to “cautiously” carry on road tripping. It’s daunting to see how much work goes into your road trips. Your pics are always so good that I spent a few minutes trying to figure out the Oregon totem on last trip, with some kind of bird sculpture, that turned out to be a bug splat.

  2. FishWisher says:

    Hi, Susan –
    Thanks for the visit. I really appreciate your visit and comment.

    I’ve been doing well so far as the ol’ ticker is concerned, and am very happy and thankful for that.

    Yes, those bug splatters do mess up my photos sometimes, and even I have spent time wondering what a strange shape was before realizing it once was a bug.

    I’m hoping to hit the road in October if the diesel prices come down some – those $5 and $6 per gallon prices really put a hitch in my giddyup.

    Thanks again.

    – Dale

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